Our vision

To become a close knit and impactful community renowned for producing exceptional Communications Professionals.

Our Mission

To equip a new class of leading Global Communications Professionals

TCA Telegram Community

A closed group where Communications Professionals can develop their capacity, interact with and learn from other professionals, and master how to position themselves for global opportunities.

What We Offer
  • Capacity building training programs for Comms Professionals
  • Hangouts and high-level knowledge sharing meetings
  • Sector-specific materials and resources
  • Access to global job opportunities
  • Personal branding and digital media training
Digital Products

We create and curate sector-specific resource materials to add value to Communications Professionals. They include:

  • Comms Templates – Samples of typical written output required of every Comms Professional
  • Comms Video Series with leading professionals in the field
  • Comms Audio Series with our Chief Communications Consultant
Our Programs

The Comms Brunch

A hangout and learning gathering for Comms Professionals

The Comms Brunch Exclusive

A small and intimate learning gathering with a leading Comms Expert

The Comms Engine Room

6-hour intense training for Comms professional where we will deep dive into You, Your Work and Your Impact in the field.

The Comms Leader

A full day intense training for senior Comms professionals and executives in corporate organizations who want to master personal brand communications.

The Comms Board

A full day training for high level executives, board members and high net-worth individuals on leveraging personal branding and digital media for thought leadership positioning and exponential impact.

The Comms Corporate

In house training for the internal Comms Team within corporate organizations and executives across different levels.

Our Team

Chief Communications Consultant

Chief Operations Officer

Communications Associate and Community Manager

Operations Support 

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