I am totally delighted that my first book, From Clueless to Success, is now available for you to read and enjoy. 

As you may already know, From Clueless to Success is a collection of 20 backstories from my professional journey. In every chapter, I share some important lessons that I know you will benefit from. It’s funny how I didn’t particularly like the title of the book when I first got it but as I looked through the entire content of the book, I realised that it is such an apt title. I started my professional journey rather cluelessly but God has made the journey beautiful so far. Please click the link below to download your copy.

I’d love to read your reviews and comments once you are done reading the book. Please send them to letstalk@thecommsavenue.com. Many of you have also asked how you can support me since I’m not selling this book.

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For non-financial support, please send an email to letstalk@thecommsavenue.com.

Book Launch

The virtual book launch took place on Sunday 13th December, 2020 and we had four outstanding professionals who shared insightful backstories from their journey. I also shared more about the things I have learnt from my journey so far. If you missed it, you can watch the full video on YouTube!  

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