My Work
the beginning

Ten years ago, I wanted to be a Management Consultant.

Today, I am a Communications Advisor and an expert in communications strategy creation & execution, writing and personal branding.

What really happened?

In a nutshell, I found the field that makes me tick.

I’ve always loved writing. Since I was three years old, I would write and scribble on scraps of paper (at least that’s what my parents told me).

The most I did with my love for writing as a child and as a teenager was to write in journals.

I never thought much of the skill, not to mention building a career from it.

An internship with a media company in 2012 changed all of that. It was like placing fish in water.

I started off as an intern, writing and posting stories on the company’s website. Then I was promoted to the Editorial Assistant position and I shadowed the Copy Editor of the company’s magazine, learning how to create magazine content readers will love.

the process

Two months later, I became the Assistant Editor. I was responsible for coming up with the theme and concept for each edition of the magazine, sourcing for contributors, coordinating photo shoots, working with the designer to ensure that magazine came out perfectly, planning publicity, managing distribution and coordinating sales. It was a lot but I loved every bit of it (ok, maybe not every bit).

A lot had happened since my first job in this field and I will share full details in The Comms Journal under My Blog and you can read the full story in my book, From Clueless to Success.

the now

Today, however, I am grateful for this humble beginning. Since 2012, I have moved on to work with clients in different industries on a wide variety of projects. Each project remains memorable, like the Bill and Melinda Gates Financial Inclusion project where I handled research and developed a Communications plan for the project.

There’s also the work I’ve been doing with the Nigerian Economic Summit Group since 2016, working as part of the Social Media Team to ensure the deliberations during the Summit are duly captured online. This has sparked a keen interest in policy & government communications.

How can I forget Leading Ladies Africa where I managed the social media and website content and doubled the followers of the page organically in four months? I’m still part of the Team but I remain filled with joy to see how much the platform has grown since 2015 when I officially took the brief.