Let’s Talk About Comms Over Brunch!

Let me take you back to a few weeks ago.

I was sitting at my desk during break time and I decided to go on LinkedIn. Since I became more active on the platform, I try go through my notifications there at least twice a day. This particular day, there were comments and messages. While the questions were varying, I saw a common thread. They wanted a tip, advice or my opinion on something Comms related.

This wasn’t the first time. In fact, it has become regular to receive these questions. I began to wonder, “How will I manage to answer all these questions to the best of my ability with my time constraints?” That’s when the Holy Spirit dropped it in my spirit – plan a hangout for Comms professionals to share your experience and provide guidance.

I loved it and I started to scribble. Any idea you get should always be written down if you really want to follow through with it. But I didn’t act on it immediately because I had to get back to work. A few days later, while writing a post on LinkedIn, another thought dropped – “Hey! Why don’t you ask if people will be interested in brunch or lunch to talk about all things Comms.” I did and I must confess, I was not expecting the responses I received.

All of this has led to this moment. The first Comms Brunch. The first because I know there will be many more.

I’ve been in this field for almost eight years, I have worked with brands from different sectors (because I chose not to specialise in one sector), I have worked on campaigns and Comms projects within and outside Nigeria, and I have personally worked with high profile CEOs, executives and high net worth individuals. 

Will you believe it if I tell you that I did all this without having a clear blueprint to follow? I can’t believe it myself. But I eight years down the line, here I am! I have made mistakes. I have given my all to projects only for things not to work out as planned. I have lost money and I have made money…a lot of it. I have been successful in this field and I’d like to share all that I have learnt (well as much as I can share in four hours!) with you.

This is my special invitation to you. Do join us at The Comms Brunch if you want to:

  • Plant your feet firmly within the industry
  • Uncover the hidden tips for success in the field
  • Position yourself for global visibility
  • Be a successful and innovative Communications Professional

Here are all the details you need:

Date – Saturday 4th April

Time – 10am – 2pm (I don’t believe in African time and you shouldn’t too if you want to be a global professional)

Venue –  Victoria Island (Actual venue will be sent to confirmed participants)

Commitment Fee – N10,000

If you’d like to attend The Comms Brunch, please register here:

I can’t wait to meet you!

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