I’m Calling On You…Will You Say Yes?

If you’ve been around me recently, you must have heard me say that I’m on an adventure with God. For a woman who was particular about certainty and creating long term plans, the way God has changed the course of my life actually makes me smile.

I would never have thought that there would come a time in my life when someone would ask me what my plan is and I’d respond with, “I have no idea.” But here I am…walking with God one step after the other, not sure where the next destination is but being assured that the person leading me knows what He is doing. 

That’s why I call it an adventure. The kind of adventure God took Abraham on. Leave your father’s land and go to a land that I will show you. I used to marvel at Abraham’s faith and bravery. How can you just get up, pack all your things, leave everything you know and choose to go on a journey with no clear destination? I couldn’t understand it but here I am…on that same journey to a place where God will show me. Eventually. 

Starting this adventure with God, I realise that Abraham was not necessarily brave. He just chose to have faith in the sovereign God. He chose to believe that He will indeed do as He had said and He chose to believe that God had the best plans and intentions for Him. Perhaps, that’s what you’d actually describe as bravery. Abraham didn’t even have the assurance of Jeremiah 29:11, for my thoughts towards you are thoughts of good and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. Yet, He walked with God until the very end. 

So, what’s this journey really like? Are you wondering about the next-level of bravery I must possess to embark on such a journey? I mean, I look at the absolutely crazy things I have done, like shutdown a thriving communications agency to do nothing for four months because God said so and I can see why you may think I am brave. Or completely out of my mind! But that’s not it because I’ve felt afraid. I still feel afraid when I think about the next destination. There are times I wonder, “Adedoyin, I hope you know what you are doing?”

I won’t lie, I don’t. What I know is that I trust God and I have surrendered my life into His hands; to use me as He chooses for His glory. I may not understand now but from my experience so far, I know the bigger picture will always be revealed as I step out. I know things will fall into place and make sense as I look back and connect the dots but I have to take that first step. Maybe that’s where boldness comes in. Choosing to place one foot on water despite the fact that you feel your heart about to pop out of your chest. 

Does it get easier with time? I don’t know because our God likes big surprises. The next destination or instruction can sometimes be ten times bigger than the previous one. So you have to face that battle all over again. I don’t think it’s something you can get used to. Well, I’m not used to it yet. What I know is that when He says go, I go. When He says run, I run. I’m immersing myself in this adventure even though my flesh keeps trying to turn back around and run to the shores! 

I’ve decided to document this adventure here…to show you that God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things. I have discovered that all He requires is a willing heart. He’s not moved by your flaws and weaknesses. He knows what to do with them. He knows how to equip you for the journey. He just beckons on you, stretching out His loving arms towards you and He only requires you to say yes. He will sort out everything else. When I tell you that I am where I am by the grace of God, it is because it is the reality of my life. 

I won’t pretend as if it has been easy but it does get easier when you take one step after the next. Plus, I have an amazing community of people who are also on this same journey. So when I want to run back, they’re there to help me shift my eyes back on Yahweh! 

I’m not sure which story I will share first. Yes, there are many encounters already! I guess you have to wait for the next post to see where this story will start from. 

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  1. Your testimony brought me back here and I’m glad to see first hand what losing your life to find it really looks like. May more of us walk in this light you have shone. May you have the grace to continue to walk the paths that God shows you.

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