Comms Resources for the Month – January

Hello! Here are some resources I found very useful this month.

BookPR Technology, Data and Insights

This book is an eye-opener. I recommend it for every strategic professional who wants to be positioned as a valuable advisor within the organisation.

PodcastCSCE’s A View from the Top

I always love listening to stories from professionals across the world but what I especially love about this podcaast is that you get to see the practical application of different aspects of communications through the experiences shared by the guests.

Guide/ TemplateComms Planning Guide

If you haven’t downloaded this template, just tell me why? Honestly, it’s a must-have, especially if you have want to master how to create a good Comms plan.

Report2022 Global Communication Report

It is not news that stakeholders and consumers are demanding more from organisations, especially with regards to contributing towards important causes. This report examines the risks and opportunities in corporate activism and how communicators can navigate this space. Although it is focused on the United States, there are some takeaways from the report are significant for other geographical locations.


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