Comms Resources for the Month

Hello! Here are some resources I found very useful in February.

BookExcellence Wins: A No-Nonsense Guide to Becoming the Best in a World of Compromise

This is not a Comms/ PR Book but I am recommending it because of the work ethic and excellence embodied in the book which I strongly believe every good Comms professional must have.

Disclosure – I’ve been a huge fan of Horst Schulze and his dedication to excellence. 

PodcastThe Future of the Function (The New CCO) Podcast

I encourage you to create time to listen to this episode of The New CCO podcast especially if you want to understand how to properly articulate the relevance of what you do as a Communications professional.

ReportThe Future of Corporate Communications

I discovered this report from The New CCO podcast episode mentioned above and it’s been such an elightening read so far. I will do my post on my key takeaways from the report but I believe it is a must-read for all Comms professionals.

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